A visualization to show that Deadpool isn't in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Film character co-occurrences (two characters showing up in the same film) are clustered by their main series to distinguish the Marvel Cinematic Universe (Avengers, et al - upper left macro-cluster), the Earth-10005 Universe (X-Men - middle macro-cluster), and the Marvel TV Series on Netflix (The Defenders - bottom right macro-cluster). Tying them all together: Stan Lee is the only overlap between the MCU and Earth-10005!

Code for this chart is on github, and a description of the impetus to this project is on Medium. This visualization is based on Mike Bostock's Les Misérables co-occurrence matrix diagram. Marvel MCU and Neflix data from blog.bramp.net and additional data based on marvel.wikia.com.

Comments and suggestions are welcome on github, Medium, or here.